New strings in Cozy

Hey folks! Finally a new release of Cozy is approaching, and it’s time to update the translations. There are a couple of new strings, and a bunch of old ones that weren’t marked as translatable earlier. Translators, please take a few minutes to update the translations! :heart:

Translate Cozy on Transifex

Hi. Thanks for letting us know. The announcement would however be more useful if there was a planned date for the release, so that we know what the deadline for translations is.

A few things I’d like to point out:

  • This is unfortunate timing for an app that is not part of GNOME Core, as we just entered the string freeze period and we are focusing on this.
  • While we appreciate you reaching out to us, this app is not translated on Damned Lies and it was removed from Circle because its maintenance was not up to GNOME standards.

For these reasons, translators need to be aware that this is a lesser priority.

To avoid this kind of conflicts in the future, see also:

Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately I can’t provide a release date, as I’m just a co-maintainer, and the final release depends on others’ availability. I’ll pay more attention to GNOME’s deadlines however.

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