New release of LibRest 0.9.0

I’m pleased to announce that LibRest 0.9.0 is released. Most notable features are:

  • build can be now depend on LibSoup 2.4 and LibSoup 3.0
  • all deprecated API calls are replaced with their replacements
  • the old OAuth2 implementation got dropped (as it was not used and functional anyway) and replaced by a state of the art PKCE OAuth2 workflow.
  • meson as buildsystem
  • gi-docgen for documenation

For those who are not familiar with LibRest: Its a convenience library wrapping our beloved libSoup HTTP client in order to call REST-API interfaces. Typical authentication workflows are built in. It also contains some easy to use XML parsing abstraction meant for REST-APIs which are returning XML (Flickr).


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