New pop-up pabel to set as default output in sound configuration

Hi!! After years of utilizing gnome I have to say stop, let’s discuss this topic. I used custom sceipts to do what the setting pannel should do by default. If I set hdmi1 as ny output, it has to be stored, it has to be saved. On 2024, we have a system that in which sound output has to be set over and over on rebooting or to create acustom script to do what the GUI has to do by default, to store the last used output.

If the default sound output is not remembered, that’s probably a pulseuadio or pipewire/wireplumber issue. All that gnome does is change the current default output, remembering this across sessions is supposed to be done by the sound server.

Hi! If so, the GUI has to pop-up a new label when selecting a new one to s
et it as default with the proper calls to piqure,pulseaudio or alsa to set it as default.