New location for jhbuild discussion?

Where is the place to discuss jhbuild topics these days? The apparent top-level web page for the project is Projects/Jhbuild - GNOME Wiki! , but I do not see instructions there about where to go to discuss issues, file bug reports, etc. I do not see a jhbuild tag here. Where should I go to ask about jhbuild?

Bugs can be reported as an issue on GNOME / jhbuild · GitLab. I don’t know for discussion topics, if putting such in the Platform category isn’t sufficient.

Jhbuild has fallen definitely out of favour over the years, so there aren’t many discussions to begin with.

Bugs are filed on GitLab, like every other GNOME project.

There is one now.

Quite possibly. But the Gnucash project on macOS[1] at least uses jhbuild to build from source.

Thank you!

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