New initiative: update URLs in app metadata

Hi everyone!

With and, GNOME has some really nice websites that our apps can use nowadays. Yet, many of our apps are not linking to these sites, so our users don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. Additionally, they often don’t link to the correct place for translations, and many apps are still linking to the wiki, which is due to be retired.

To improve this situation, yesterday I started an initiative to update the URLs in app metadata. The idea is simple: we’re going to go through every GNOME app’s metadata, and make sure that the correct URLs are specified in their metadata files.

There are lots of apps to check, report issues against and fix, so if anyone wants to help out, that would be fantastic.

This is the perfect task for new contributors - the fixes involved are small, and you will get experience of the contribution process, through from reporting an issue to merging the fix.



This is a really great initiative! I would share this with new contributors.

Very cool, I am an outreachy contributor and I will love to take on this, do you have any reference video to follow for this?

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