New GNOME Foundation and Emeritus members

Hello! The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to announce our newly approved Foundation and Emeritus members. Please welcome and thank them for their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation!

New Foundation members are:

  • Thomas Bechtold
  • Lawrence Hunter
  • Aleksander Morgado
  • Aman Kumar

thank them for their great and valuable contributions

Where can we find a list of the contributions?

I have never seen these names before, and even Google has some trouble finding details.

That’s a good question, with the anonymization of issues in GitLab when privacy concerns are raised (from figuring this out can be harder, I looked up the information for you though:

Aleksander - ModemManager, libqmi and libmbim
Thomas - d-feet maintainer
Lawrence - GNOME OS to PinePhone (Pro)
Aman - Health (Circle App)

A suggestion for the future is to look at’s stats as a first step!

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