New API docs and gtk_tree_selection _get_selected()

We just got a new Nim issue, so I may have to understand what gtk_tree_selection_get_selected() does in detail for various use cases, as that user may just use it in a wrong way. Or maybe, the bindings are wrong?

Unfortunately the new API docs has two issues:


For firefox browser the line after

Sets iter to the currently selected node if selection is set to

is displayed in a large bold font, which seems to be not intended and may be caused by some strange characters in that text. I can send a screenshot later if really necessary to verify.

And the description is strange:

This function will not work if you use selection is #GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE.

I have not yet really guessed what that sentence means, sound strange.


PS: And again that forum software:

Title seems unclear, one or more words is very long?

The documentation for GTK3 is still very much written for gtk-doc. It needs to be fixed so the content is proper Markdown, instead of the hybrid Markdown version used by gtk-doc.

The text is also kind of broken, so it’ll need to be rewritten.

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