New Accessibility feature for (almost) free?

Hi all,
I really like the accessibility feature from macOS where you can zoom into the screen using your mousewheel/trackpad together with a modifier key (e.g. alternate/ctrl).

Now I found out that this feature does already exist in gnome - not fully functional, but it should be very easy to introduce this kind of functionality, if you know the code of gnome.

To test it (on Gnome 42.5/Wayland):

  • open Settings/Accessibility/Zoom options
  • Select “Follow mouse cursor” as Magnifier Position.
  • Select “Magnifier cursor moves with contents”
  • Enable Zoom
  • Click into Magnification text field
  • Hold your mouse cursor over the text field
  • Press and hold the Ctrl button
  • Move your Mouse wheel to change magnification
  • Move around to get the exact user experience you have with macOS Accessibility zoom feature.

It seems so easy, you should just need a hook/event handler like an additional schema in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas that catches mousewheel events with modifier buttons and change level of magnification.

There is already an extension “gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom” on github, but it was made for gnome 3.x and not for gnome >= 42, fairy old and non functional (from my point of view).

What do you think? Is there an easy solution for an easy problem? Basically we just need to connect a gnome-shell property to a key binding (combined with a mouse wheel event)?

Would be glad if some one points me into the right direction or already has a solution.

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