[NetworkManager-openconnect] Project appears unmaintained/anything I can do to help?


Disclaimer: This is a repost of an email back in Jan 28, 2023 that has not seen any replies.

I have been looking at some MRs pending in
GNOME/NetworkManager-openconnect and have been a bit worried about the
lack of review for them.

I authored the following MRs

  • GNOME/NetworkManager-openconnect MR 49
  • GNOME/NetworkManager-openconnect MR 45

I looked at this MR since I thought it was important

  • GNOME/NetworkManager-openconnect MR 50

I am thinking about refactoring or dropping this MR based on the
relevant webkitgtk bug. Also, any issues with hardware acceleration
probably should be resolved in the device drivers/graphics stack since
they tend to be device specific.

I can also help clean up the CI pipeline for the project that is
currently failing.

I have also done some minor work for plasma-nm with regards to
openconnect related features.

First of all, I really appreciate every developer in the openconnect,
NetworkManager-openconnect, and plasma-nm spaces. The projects are great
and really make a difference.

I am starting to get a bit concerned with a build up of reviews and
infrequent (spanning years) release patterns for
GNOME/NetworkManager-openconnect. If I can be of help with this, please
let me know.


Rahul Rameshbabu

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Did you try to reach out to the maintainer by mail? Maybe he’s happy to get some help. You might also be interested in the Gnome Settings side of things. The network panel needs a lot of love. Just one example: VPN with "Cisco AnyConnect or OpenConnect" fails to display properly and forgets settings (#2205) · Issues · GNOME / Settings · GitLab

I reached out to the NetworkManager mailing list directly but not the maintainer himself yet. I held off on this because he also maintains the core openconnect work and noticed he hasn’t had much time to respond on that side. I’ll send him an email and see if I can help.

With regards to the related GNOME settings issue, let me try taking a look when I have some time and see if I can help :slight_smile: .

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It’s not unmaintained, but not maintained well :slight_smile:

Sorry you have to keep poking to get a response, that is of course not great. Thank you for your persistence and contributions. I can also merge stuff there, let me take a look.

Sending merge requests and discuss issue is already plenty of help. Your offer to help more is very appreciated.

A useful place to meet is IMO on LiberaChat/IRC on #nm. You can ping me (thaller) or bengal. That is just another channel if you’d like to find the right people. Commenting and opening merge requests on gitlab should be sufficient already (in theory :slight_smile: ).

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Hi @thaller,

Thanks so much for offering to take a look. I really appreciate it.

With regards to LiberaChat/IRC, I did ping there before, but I was probably inexperienced in how to use the ecosystem. Currently using the Matrix bridge and will be sure to ping you or bengal in the future as well.

No need for apologies when it comes to this. The GNOME project as a whole is great, as well as the things spun out from it like NetworkManager. I just wanted to help in a component I actively use.

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