Network Manager with OpenVPN - Can a VPN killswitch be configured

I have Gnome products on all of my computers including network manager with OpenVPN. I have Alpine Linux on one and am using a ProtonVPN .OVPN file with OpenVPN that can be automatically installed by the manager (ProtonVPN does not have an app yet). Is there a way I can configure a VPN killswitch or can you recommend a link? I am comfortable modifying or creating files with “nano”. Thanks for any advice.

(Edit: My system is using nftables. If someone can recommend a beginner book on nftables or a GUI firewall builder for nftables for Alpine Linux then I would appreciate that much. Thanks.)

(Edit: A keep the connection alive toggle would be useful, too. I can’t find that option on my version of network manager openvpn.)

Honestly NetworkManager’s current behavior is just broken. It ought to do this for you. :frowning:

I’m sure something can be scripted to adjust nftables as required, but I don’t know how to do this myself, sorry.

Thanks mcatanzaro for the reply. Killswitch and a keep alive toggle would be great. My version of network manager openvpn worked fine to get the .ovpn into the system. Killswitch and keep alive would make it, in my opinion, an app that could stand alone from the rest. Some VPN GUI apps are buggy or just not available for some systems, but those .ovpn file are. I have tried a few VPNs and looked at others, and it is difficult to find one VPN provider that can be used on all my devices that are complete with killswitch and keep alive.

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