Need help with developing a 3d application with gtk gui and vulkan renderer

Beginner Alert: Totally new to GTK and some initial experience with Vulkan

I am trying to develop a 3d application for Linux -with gtk4 for gui and vulkan for rendering.
Have spent a lot of time trying to research how to use gtk 4 but haven’t been able to make progress.

GTK4 GSK Vulkan for drawing area - Kotlin : This questions proved to be the most useful so far: Emmanuele Bassi commented that - “You would need to write the equivalent of GtkGLArea for Vulkan”

Can someone please clarify

  1. Writing code for a new widget gtkVulkanArea (equivalent of gtkGLArea) and connecting it with the render signal : broadly that is good enough for me to work with Vulkan? What about GDK related code?

  2. Vulkan has a lot of code to initialise graphics pipeline and related aspects. Once gtkVulkanArea is ready, does all of this starter Vulkan code get called through the render function?

Any help would be really appreciated. Been struggling a lot with this

Hello, welcome to GNOME discourse!

For starting I’d suggest to keep things simple: set up a GtkGLArea and use your Vulkan pipeline to render onto an OpenGL texture. See:

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