Need help finding cause for GraphineOS installation errors

Can someone help me track down the reason GraphineOS cannot be installed using Chromium on Gnome? The issue was reported in gvfs but it doesn’t appear to be a gvfs bug. The issue was also reported in GraphineOS issue tracker but they don’t know why Gnome has this issue but not KDE or Windows.

Does anyone have a clue as to why Gnome would give a claimInterface error when trying to flash a phone with GraphineOS? I would like to get this issue to the right people so it can be resolved.

Hello derekjensen!

I don’t think I can be very helpful as I’m not a developer.

However, I see that you used Chromium. Do you reproduce your problem with another web browser, such as Firefox or Web (epiphany)?

Ok. These web browsers don’t support WebUSB.

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I found this: Building a device for WebUSB.

I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t know much about groups on Linux, wait for someone’s opinion who can assess what’s in this link.


Could you tell the OS you are using?

Also, could you tell which step fails in the following list?

  • The phone is supported by GrapheneOS.
  • The OS is not running in a virtual mchine.
  • Chromium does not use private browsing.
  • OEM unlocking has been enabled.
  • android-udev or android-sdk-platform-tools-common or similar has been installed.
  • The phone has been booted into the bootloader interface.
  • The phone is connected to a rear USB port in case of a desktop computer.
  • The bootloader has been successfully ulocked via the “Unlock bootloder” button in the web interface to install Graphene OS.
  • The GrapheneOS factory images has been obtained (“Download realease”).
  • GrapheneOS has been flashed (“Flash release”).

I get the error on Garuda (Arch Linux) after the phone reboots during the flashing sequence the web installer uses. I think it is probably just before the the last step GrapheneOS has been flashed (“Flash release”). and just before The GrapheneOS factory images has been obtained (“Download realease”).

I’m not sure to understand. I don’t have the device, so difficult to see where the connection problem is.

It will automatically handle flashing the firmware, rebooting into the bootloader interface, flashing the core OS, rebooting into the userspace fastboot mode, flashing the rest of the OS and finally rebooting back into the bootloader interface.

Referring to this sequence (flashing factory images), there seem to be two times when the phone reboots. Where does the connection problem come from?

I think I run into the issue on the first reboot. The error claimInterface occurs on the flash step of the web install here: Web installer | Install | GrapheneOS

All the user does for the web install is basically go through and click the buttons on the webpage while the phones boot loader is unlocked. Since I haven’t looked at the code, I couldn’t say which reboot there is a problem. For me, testing with a Pixel 6a, the issue happens very quickly on the flash step linked above.

So what happens after unlocking the bootloader? Does the phone reboot? Is there a message on the phone when flashing? What are the messages on the site before the error?

After unlocking the bootloader the Pixel phone prompt to approve the unlock. That works as expected.

There is no message on the phone when flashing except for the normal bootloader interface screen.

There isn’t a message on the site before the error that I can remember. That is a good question. All I remember is the phone quickly reboots and then the claimInterface error is shown on the web install page.

Knowing exactly where the problem is in the process is necessary. Also, it might be good to have a web app that runs the relevant commands without flashing anything (i.e. without taking the risk of bricking the device) to see if this is reproducible with Pixel phones and any other smartphone.

I am awaiting a response from the GrapheneOS lead developer on the relevant issue.

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