Need help creating extension

hi, im new to this extension thing. can you give me a example of simple extension.js with following function:

enable = load a custom gnome-shell.css override (provided inside the extension)
disable = disable load

many thanks in advance.

Use stylesheet.css for that. You can find the guide here.

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thanks for the tips.

For the upcoming GNOME 45, I would suggest to use stylesheet-light.css with light overview styling alongside an empty stylesheet-dark.css.

That would allow to change the overview style when the shell is using a light theme , but still switch back to the default otherwise.

(In GNOME 45, gnome-shell can be switched to its light variant by setting /org/gnome/desktop/interface/color-scheme to prefer-light or by using the new light-style extension)



err… do i make it right? it is really that simple though :slight_smile:

here is my example. also might be a usefull reference for other new exstension maker like me who just want to make simple stylesheet.css loader.

the content of extension:

  • extension.js
  • metadata.json
  • stylesheet.css

extension.js :

const Main = imports.ui.main;

function enable(){

function disable(){

put your customization here, same reference as common gnome-shell.css theming.

now you ready to add further customization on your own.

also if you interested on my Light Shell (WIP)

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