Need help: After Gnome update black screen, won't restart

Hello, yesterday I tried to update Gnome (v42) on my Acer Swift SF114-32 laptop. My computer crashed, I couldn’t move my mouse and nothing happened, so I restarted it. I’m using Fedora Workstation.

Since then, it won’t start: a black screen with no loading or anything, and when I force the shutdown it automatically restarts without changing anything. I can’t access the bios.

Do you have any ideas on how to solve my problem?

I know it lights up because the keyboard lights up but not the screen. I have a video if I need it.

Thank you in advance for your help and kindness.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this please? I can’t use my computer now… :pensive:

If the screen backlight does not even light up and the BIOS is not accessible, that sounds more like a hardware issue than a GNOME issue. Not sure if anybody here will be able to help you with that.