Need advice with Subprocess+Communicate


I need advice with Subprocess+Communicate.
Original question is here:

I am new to Vala and C++


The GIO library has a nice API for launching subprocesses and communicating with them.

See for the general documentation, and GSubprocess more specifically, which is directly usable from Vala.

I know about it and tried, but no matter what I did I got error that communicate can not connect to subprocess. I do not even understand how to combine FLAGS stdout + STDIN. C++ suggest its type is INT, so 1 | 4 doesn’t work there.

Do you have working simple example.

So far I managed to implement FORK() with 2 pipes. But I would like to try SUBPROCESS+COMMUNICATE

Thank you in advance

GSubprocess and GIO are already well documented. I cannot really help you further.

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