Nearby share support for file sharing

Hi all,

I haven’t seen this topic brought up anywhere (or if this is even the correct forum for such a topic).

Android’s nearby share function is akin to Apple’s air drop, though with wider hardware compatibility as part of the protocol.

It’s an open protocol and implementation, though I can’t comment on the complexity of it.

It feels like a great fit for the Gnome ecosystem, so I wanted to gauge the interest level, especially from anyone on the design team if they happen to be lurking here.


Not from the design team but you might be interested in the Warp app, which does something similar for Linux devices

FWIW we already something similar. If you go to Settings → Share (may have moved after 43) and enable file sharing, you have a WebDAV file share that is advertised to nearby devices thanks to zeroconf (via avahi).

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