NautilusFiles move bug in Fedora 45 prerelease


I posted about this before here

In the latest Fedora 38 Workstation update I can open Files, move a folder, the folder is not removed visually from the old location, Files displays the folder in two locations.

It’s still happening in Fedora 45 prerelease

I move a folder, now there are two instances in the file tree, I can interact with both.

Pressing F5 reloads the view, fixing the problem, but now I’ve lost the state of the tree, with the folders I’m using.

With Fedora 39 nearing release, I’m worried about another 6 months of having this frustrating and disruptive behaviour baked in. It’s a shame as the 45 release is otherwise excellent.

My gtk version is

I’ve experienced this bug on both Fedora 38 and openSUSE Tumbleweed.


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I’m on Arch Linux running Gnome 45 with Wayland session. I can’t reproduce it on that. Versions:

$ pacman -Q nautilus gtk4
nautilus 45.0-1
gtk4 1:4.12.3-1

I tried dragging a folder to another Files window and to another tab, both moved it correctly.

How are you moving the folder to trigger the issue? And are you perhaps on Xorg session?

Do you have the same issue with Files from the Gnome Nightly flatpak?

Wayland. Almost new installation of Fedora 39 prerelease, on a single drive.

it happens like this.

Does the same on the nightly!

After enabling Expandable Folders in List View in preferences I can reproduce the same in List View, but it’s not always happening and can require repeating the steps to reproduce. I’d emphasize this is a “List View: Expandable Folders” bug and probably report it as such on the GitLab?

Yes it’s fairly random. I’ll open an issue on gitlab as you suggest.

Thanks for confirming the behaviour.


Here’s the issue I’ve opened on gitlab

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