Nautilus unable to show results outside of /home in Activities view

Only files in /home are shown under the Files app while the photos app does show those in other drives. Is there any way to make Nautilus show files in other drives too?

Not right now. It needs someone to invest some time refactoring nautilus search engines for them to perform a search without specifying a specific directory (like the home directory).

Thanks! I thought Nautilus used tracker3 to get its index. Typing $ tracker3 search <file_name> does return files outside /home in the terminal, so I assume the index is already there.

You are correct, it’s already there. There is no technical barrier. It’s just missing feature (or a bug, if you will), in the nautilus side. It needs someone to find time to fix it: Shell search provider doesn't find files outside of home directory (#502) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

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