Nautilus should open Tilix instead of Gnome Terminal

Hi all,

since Gnome 24 Nautilus comes with a build in “Open in Terminal” option on right-click. This action always opens the Gnome Terminal but I would prefer to use Tilix.

I already searched for a solution but everything I found, e.g.:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec tilix

doesn’t work. :frowning:

Any idea how to change the default terminal emulator?

(In case this matters, I use Gnome 42.4 on Fedora 36)


You can’t. The menu item is provided by gnome-terminal itself, via a nautilus extension. Console also includes a nautilus extension, Tilix could do the same.

(There are currently discussions around a terminal intent spec that would allow nautilus to provide the item itself for any terminal that implements the spec, but it’s still in draft state)

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You need to install Nautilus-Python as per Your distro may have it packaged as python-nautilus, python3-nautilus or nautilus-python.

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Thanks! I was under the impression that with Gnome 42 the terminal specific plugins where replaced with a generic one. But seems that I mixed this up or misunderstood it. There is still the tilix-nautilus packages like in previous Fedora versions which do exactly what I want. :slight_smile:

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