Nautilus short-term planning

Hello all,

Following Christian with Builder planning and in order to create a Nautilus tag and be able to direct people here from the mailing list I’m creating this thread.

In Nautilus we try to follow a roadmap divided in short-term vision and long-term vision. You can see the process we follow at the blog post about release planning for GNOME.

For 3.34 I think it would be good to focus on two things:

  • Starring
  • Flatpak

Starring specially has most of the issues that we have set as “deliverable”, so it definitely needs some polishing. For Flatpak, we would like to provide an excellent experience ootb, so things like adding the thumbnailers or make plugins work would be amazing. You can follow all short-term tasks with the deliverable label in GitLab.

If someone wants to work on any of those tasks, I will be available to help them with it. Feel free to reach me out on IRC as csoriano or commenting in those issues.

Hope you like the plan we have for Nautilus!


what exactly is the flatpak experience supposed to be in nautilus, is it nautilus being flatpaked or reacting to flatpak files?

Using it as a flatpak.

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Some parts of the UI are a bit old and crusty (preferences, file properties, and the like). I’d like to redesign these this cycle, and hopefully make them ready for mobile along the way :slight_smile:


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