Nautilus: shade/roll-up window

Unlike 95% of the apps that I use, Nautilus doesn’t seem to shade/unshade when I double click on the title bar. Looking at it, the title-bar seems non-standard, with a search field and other icons built into it. Is there a way to get the window manager to draw a normal titlebar above what nautilus provides to get consistent behaviour across my apps?
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It depends on the window manager. GTK uses Motif hints to opt out of server-side decorations, so you need a WM that either doesn’t support those hints or allows you to turn its support off.

(For GNOME, the answer is no)

Hi Florian,
Thanks for this, I’ll see what other WM’s are out there which work well with Gnome but where motif hints can be turned off.
I’ve found another workaround, which is to use Nemo file manager - which seems largely based on Nautilus code - as my default FM. I can shade/unshade it, and so far (only been using it for a few hours!) it seems lightweight, snappy and well integrated with the rest of the DE. There are some differences from Naultilus of course, it doesn’t seem to handle bulk rename as well (though this can be configured I believe) and I may miss just typing to start a search within the current pane, but this choice is what I love about linux.
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