Nautilus remember view - View mode setting should be persistent for each directory

Currently the View toggle is global.
The problem is when a user wants to always view some directories by list (example: ~/Projects/src) and others by icons (example: ~/Pictures). When going from one directory to another, in such a context, the user must always click the toggle again to get the desired view back. Doing something again and again isn’t productive. There is a closed bug report on Gitlab.


More Information in new post as a new user here I can only put two links in a post …

Fix suggestion on Gitlab: To fix this, the chosen view is saved in a “.directory” file complying with the FreeDesktop specification. The new code is isolated as much as possible (at the end of the file) and is designed like an independent unit with an API. Only 2 functions make use of the API. This fix supports / as well as Recent, Starred, Trash, Etc. The compilation and execution generate no warnings. (its bug reports) was shutdown but I would like to remind that this request has been around since 2012 and this feature (View mode setting should be persistent for each directory) is dearly missed. This bug is the reason why I don’t use Nautilus/Files although I would like to use it.

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More discussion was in another Bugzilla thread, stated here on Gitlab to link them together. I know there are other pending issues but I hope this one can be solved sooner than later.
Thanks for any help in advance!

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António wrote an encouraging comment: "…this issue remains in the back of my mind as something we could try to improve, without making a 180º turn and giving up completely on the simplicity of the current design. We could have it both ways instead!
There is an inconsistency between the view option, the sorting options, and visible columns options. The later two are saved per-directory. So, when we get around to fix that inconsistency, we will be able to improve the 3 things at once! See #1703"

Please feel free to comment here, especially if you can help to resolve this issue and improve the 3 things at once!

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Patch for remembering view mode per folder (15 lines of code)

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Thanks a lot, @SevenSystems , for your efforts and help! :fireworks:
For the information of others: The conversation about this patch can be found on in this gitlab thread.
Wonderful Christmas to everybody :christmas_tree:!

I look for the way of setting a persistent view in some folders and I found that the answer nowadays is “that’s not possible”: directory - Set different views (list, thumbnail) for different folders? - Ask Ubuntu.

Is there someone of the design team that could be involved to revise this behavior?

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