Nautilus nightly flatpak not showing "open with" options


I recently switched from a GNOME 45 distro to Debian 12 with GNOME 43. It serves all my purposes, except for one thing: Nautilus tree view (which was missing GNOME 43). The tree view is something I use very intensively and I’m trying to find a workaround. I installed Nautilus Nightly flatpak and uninstalled Nautilus 43 deb. Doing that, I lost gnome-terminal and gnome-sushi (which I use often, but which are not as critical to me as tree view).

But there’s also a real issue: “Open with” limits to 3 options (Files itself, Run the software* and Help). It does not suggest any other app. When double-clicking on files: some open in the default app (.pdf files open with GNOME document viewer, .txt files in Text Editor), many don’t open at all (.odf / .odg / … files do not open in Libre Office), and some prompt to choose an app (.png files bring a dialog window in order to choose between several app, including some flatpak apps like Brave).

I suppose that Nautilus Nightly is blind due to its flakpak nature. As some people use Files Nightly on a daily basis: I suppose they don’t use it with the unability to open files. Question is: what is the way to solve this? Giving more flatpak permissions (but which ones?)?

I search the web and this forum, but could not find an answer.
Thank you for your help!

*Not sure what the exact label is (in English)

“Open with” limits to 3 options (Files itself, Run the software * and Help ).

That dialog is not supposed to appear for the flatpak build. It should show the portal dialog instead, which looks like this:

This is not the dialog you get, then maybe your system is missing some packages for portals.

As some people use Files Nightly on a daily basis

That’s unexpected. The Nightly is for testing and development purposes, not daily usage.

Unless your Nightly flatpak is very months old, before I fixed right-click "open with.." menu does not use the open with application flatpak portal in nautilus flatpak nightly (#282) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

Unless your Nightly flatpak is very months old

Indeed, that was the issue. Sorry, and thanks for solving this!

The Nightly is for testing and development purposes, not daily usage.

Yes, I was aware about that, and now I’m even more aware as if updating Nautilus Nightly brought back to ability to “open with”, documents are now opened in read-only mode. Indeed, I should and will drop using Nautilus Nightly as replacement for files, it was a bad idea. I was just really motivated to find how to bring back three view to Debian 12 stable.

I suppose I just have to wait until Debian 13 and use Nemo meanwhile. If you have any other suggestion regarding this, I would be interested. Have a nice day!

Wait, what? That’s unexpected.

I’ve just tested in my system and I can edit files when opening them from Nightly like that.

Wait, have I been promoted to be a testing user ? :joy:

Okay, I reinstalled Nautilus Nightly to test this issue further. So now I have Nautilus Nightly (last version) and Nemo. The issue seems to happen only with LibreOffice (flatpak): they get opened normally with Nemo, but in Read-Only mode with Nautilus Nightly.

I don’t have that issue when opening the same files in other apps, i.e. Kate (deb) or WPS Office (flatpak).

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(details give no more informations, user is displayed as “unknown”)

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Thanks. I was testing with LibreOffice but from distro packages, not flatpak. So, there may be something weird going on with the interaction between LibreOffice flatpak’ing and OpenFile portal.

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