Nautilus-image-converter for 43.1

I have used nautilus-image-converter in many different Gnome versions to resize images with a right click on the file using nautilus.
The command worked in all versions but not in the new 43.1 version.
I have searched the Gnome shell extensions and find nothing there.
Can someone recommend and easy way to resize a image without loading something like GIMP?
Thanks in advance.Bob

Hello @Bob_Brazie!

Did it work in version 43?

Don’t know, I upgraded from Fedora 36 to 37 and neither one had just 43.
Looking for a different extension or maybe a small easy application?
Thanks, Bob.

You can look for tools in Software. For example, there is YOGA Image Optimizer (it is from flathub but not fully sandboxed by default).

See Nautilus-share and nautilus-image-converter ported to libnautilus-extension-4. There is a new release for nautilus 43 compatibility, but it is not packaged for Fedora.

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Thank you for your help.


You also have gthumb that have some tools, but it’s also a photo/image manager.

Thank you for you suggestions.

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