Nautilus/Files content search in different files extensions


I find it really usefull the content search into the files/nautilus browser, but I’ve tried to find where to allow content search in other files extensions, ie: .sh/.py.

From time to time I need to find some thing into this files, but I’ve notice that nautilus only search for content into certain type of files ( like *.txt ).

Where could I enable the option to include content search in other type of files.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

ps.- I’ve tried to find something in Dconf and tracker miner configuration, but nothing relative to ’ the content search of files’ …

At the same path.

Tracker info shows both files are indexed, but nautilus only search ’ for content inside the file ’ in the .txt file:

.txt file

.sh file

My question is: this is a nautilus setting or it is a not implemented yet tool.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Best Regards.


Programming code is not indexed. That’s why script and source files do not have their content matched while searching.

This is intentional. Our indexing/searching components are optimized for natural language text in documents, not programming code. We would be wasting system resources and still do a poor job. There are plenty of IDEs and source-code indexing tools already, which are better at this job than our content search would ever be.

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