Nautilus as file picker

The idea of using the FileChooser portal as an opportunity to replace the file picker with Nautilus has been floating around for a while, but I couldn’t find a proposal or discussion yet.

The main benefits are support for thumbnails, starred files as well as using the same list of recent files and search behavior.

The plan would be to add a “file picker” mode to Nautilus that supports all the features of the FileChooser interface. open, save, readonly, title, …

Then make xdg-desktop-portal-gnome use this new Nautilus mode instead of GtkFileChooser.

I would love to hear what designers, Nautilus and xdg-desktop-portal-gnome maintainers think of this.

Prior work: GitHub - ranchester2/nautilus-as-file-chooser-poc: Crappy portal implementation that uses Nautilus as a file chooser (with thumbnails!)


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This is something I intend to work on this cycle :slight_smile:

I first want to fix


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