Nautilus Address Bar loads late causing flickering effect and eye pain

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTE and noticed that i had eye pain every time the File Manager was being opened in full screen mode. To be precise, the nautilus retains the windows size. So when I close the application on full-screen mode, the application starts with full screen window next time. By that time it causes eye pain.

On first sight it appeared something casual but later when I repeated the action several times and observed that the address bar loads later , which causes the flickering effect and eye pain. Is there any way to make the address bar header space to be static. I don’t want the whole window pushed down abruptly to make space for address bar header and disturbing the animation effect.

Hello, @rajag89, and welcome.

I have not seen that problem, but I’m not using Ubuntu 18.04. This may be an issue that only happens in that OS.

Ubuntu 18.04 modifies the app skin, so maybe that’s related. You can use the original skin by setting your GTK theme to “Adwaita” with the GNOME Tweaks app. I hope it works.

You can ask for better help in the Ubuntu forums.

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Thanks for taking your time to respond to my silly query, Like you said Ubuntu might have done something which is causing the re-calibration of the bar at runtime causing the issue,

I mostly don’t report issues. But I felt Linux became so much user friendly for even a noob user like me and it has been months since I had opened my other OS. So I wanted to try and correct this small thing which unknowingly hampering the user experience. Thanks for the lot of good work and time you guys had put to make this application what it is today. Cheers !!

Thanks for the kind words!

No problem asking, it’s not silly at all, and this right venue to ask such questions. I’m glad to answer.

It’s just unfortunate that some visual issues are outside of our control, especially when reskining is applied by a 3rd party. Good news is there is ongoing dialogue to hopefully reduce the extend and impact of 3rd party reskining.

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