My garbage folder is in another hard drive, so I can't move my files in garbage folder, they can only be removed

First of all Garbage folder may not be the good translation from french, it may be wastepaper basket or something like that.
I mean the folder where the files are put, before they are definitely removed from the hard drive.

The problem is that some folders in my home directory are on another hard drive. I did that because I have a small SSD drive and a huge hard drive, I put big folder in the huge hard drive, having a symbolic link on them from my home folder.

One of this folder is .config and other config folders, where somewhere in it is the garbage folder.

The problem is that gnome tell me, when I remove a file, that I can’t put it in the garbage folder, it has to be removed immediately. I guess that’s because the files are on a different hard drive than the garbage folder (so it’s impossible to easily move the file to the garbage folder).

Do you know a way to still use the garbage folder, even if it would require to copy the file to the garbage folder?

because one day I would remove a file by mistake, and I wouldn’t be able to restore it.


Well okay so the en_US is “Trash” and currently en_GB uses “Wastebasket” when really it should be “Bin”…

What filesystem is your other drive, “Move to trash” functionality usually works out of the box for most drives I tried, ext4, xfs, btrfs. Only ones where it didn’t for me was if the driver was some FAT fs or NTFS.

it’s an ext 4 partition inside a Linux LVM partition.
It was the partition where I had ubuntu…
With a complicated process I moved all the files outside of /home/bourdon (my folder) from the old hard drive to the new ssd I bought later than my computer. (using rsync which keeps all properties of files rather than cp)
And now I boot on my ssd (which is faster :slight_smile: )
I only created symbolic links from some folders in /home/bourdon in my ssd to the corresponding folder in /home/bourdon of my old hard drive.

Maybe I made a mistake when I move the files from old hard drive to new ssd, but everything worked well after moving my ubuntu operating system from the previous hard drive to the ssd, except the trash folder.

It’s still possible a forget a file or a folder during copying the old folder from my hard drive.

Maybe I stopped the copy of the files by rsync, and restarted it latter, and that created a bad file, a file important for using the garbage folder. That’s an idea.

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