Multiple full screen windows under Wayland

My application renders frames from a camera to multiple physical monitors.
Under X I open a full screen window for each physical monitor placing each window on its own x-screen.
This would allow me to bypass the compositor whilst maintaining v-sync and achieve low latency in my application.

  1. Is it possible under Wayland to bypass the composition and render directly to screen?
  2. Also is it possible to sync (v-sync) each window to a different physical monitor (This is only possible under X when each monitor is on its own x-screen)?
  3. How much latency is expected to be added by the Wayland compositor when rendering a new full frame at 60fps)?

It all depends on the compositor; for Mutter:

  1. Yes, see Fullscreen Unredirect.
  2. Should be able soon, see Splitting up the Frame Clock – GNOME Shell & Mutter. As for the current state, I don’t know if it’s possible to spawn separate istances of Mutter - one for each monitor (more or less like X with multiple screens).
  3. I don’t know.

I suggest asking on the Wayland-devel mailing list

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