Multiple cellrenderers (including bool) and selection mode =none

Me again. has again got this to work, ie:
I have more than one cellrenderer in a treeview column.
I then run this code against the view


print ‘2427’,@,"\n"
my ($view,$path,$column)=@
#print $cell,"\n";


With text and combo cellrenderers in the same column it all works fine, however the same isnt true if one of the renderers is a bool type.
The renderer shows up but doesn’t respond to any clicks.

It works if either only the bool cellrenderer is in the column or selection is not ‘none’

Can you post a complete, self-contained example of the problem?

I resolved the issue. Basically it appears that if I dont add a editable attribute (whether true or false) to the hidden cell, it covers up the cell renderer invisibly

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