Multi Display Configuration "shuffling" Question

I wonder if I am the only one have this problem – since ages.

Also not sure where this issue may be best to be put. Or if it is a driver level issue (Nvidia) ??

I have a working display configuration for 3 screens. That is all fine setup.
But once I turn off or put to sleep displays to save power – the display arrangement is going nuts after turning them back on. Looks like some auto configuration is interfering with my setup.

It all depends randomly or on the order they come back on.
It should simply stay fixed unless I reconfigure it.

The issue is, once all are on, eventually the display order is messed up. Eventually I can get it back to order turning one on/off again.

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Same here with intel integrated card on a 4k laptop and an external screen.
on ubuntu, archlinux, manjaro,
Xorg or Wayland.

Gnome seems to never remember the screens configurations.
4k & external display setup is specially painful to setup because I also have to change zoom factor and resolution.

Where are supposed to be stored those configurations ?
Is it supposed to remember display ids (for example between office & home) ?

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