Move an archive of mail to another install of Evolution


due to a failed upgrade of my OS (from Fedora36 to Fedora 38),
I need to save my entire ~45G mail archive on some external disk, as to be able to restore it when I re-install F38 from scratch on my machine. Most important, eventually I surely need to see the same structure of folders, subfolders, and so on. Eventually, I would like very much to restore all my configurations, filters, contacts, …

I am working from a liveUSB. I see my old /home//.local/share/evolution/ folder. I may install Evolution ephemerally, and grsync too.

How should I proceed?
Could I still restore from a backup file (I am not sure what Evo is looking for when it says a backup file)?
Is there any other folder or file I should save on the external disk?
Which rsync command is better?
I appreciate your help.

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