Mouse wheel configuration

Hello, I hope I can post this here. I have been using GNOME for a long time, and I always had an issue that mouse wheel scroll sensitivity is WAY too low. But this issue was remedied by imwheel. I used it for years, but now, distributions are abandoning X11, which imwheel works with. And on Wayland I have no way of configuring mouse wheel sensitivity anymore. And this is such a huge issue for me, that I am about to abandon GNOME altogether if I cannot solve it. So I am here, asking for help - is there anything I can do to control this? GUI elements are not there, but is there a config file I can edit? another package to install like imwheel?

Thank you.

If scrolling is much too slow, your mouse might have click count/angle that differs from the default values and needs to be added to systemd/hwdb.d/70-mouse.hwdb at main · systemd/systemd · GitHub

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