Mouse shortcut for triggering Activities

I’ve recently switched to Wayland on my laptop & suddenly the Activities based window-switching workflow started to make a lot of sense with the 3-finger swipe on the touchpad! I’ll most likely continue to use Dash to Panel to replicate a Gnome2-like setup, but I’ve been really, really enjoying window switching with the touchpad gesture.

On a desktop however, it’s a different story. Since I may not always be using the keyboard to conveniently hit the Super key, I’m finding it hard to adopt this workflow.

Have there been any consideration for adding a mouse based shortcut to trigger Activities? Nowadays, the standard computer mouse has 3 buttons, so I know how challenging it is to come up with a shortcut/gesture that doesn’t get accidentally triggered, but I thought this is a good place to discuss this topic and maybe we could figure it out together :slight_smile:

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