Mouse sensitivity increases while watching videos

I’m using Manjaro GNOME, and on a fresh install, even in the live USB, if I have mouse acceleration turned off in Tweaks, most noticeably while I’m playing a video, through Youtube or otherwise, the sensitivity will go up (or the acceleration turns back on, I’m not sure which). Does anybody know why this is?

Kernel 5.6 and 5.7, RX560, i7 960, 24GB RAM, Z400 Workstation

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Not able to answer the question, but which browser/application are you using? It can help understand what happens.

I’ve been using Brave, based on Chromium, however I observed this behaviour on Firefox too in hopes it was the browser. My mouse, the Pictek T7, has a DPI feature. I’d found out that that is what is being adjusted whenever I click play. Only on GNOME, with the Pictek T7, does the mouse decide to jump up a DPI setting. I’ve switched to another mouse for now, but damn, that’s a weird bug. (I’d tried disabling other DPI settings in Windows and other such settings, which fixed it on my live Ubuntu USB, but not on Manjaro. V e r y strange.)

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