Mounting USB sticks to transfer files

How do I mount a USB stick to enable me to copy files from the hard disk please?

This simple process seems to be over complicated in GNOME…

By default, if the file system is supported, it should be automounted, notification should be shown and also the volume should be available over Files application. What’s your filesystem?

You plug the USB drive, and it gets automatically mounted by the system. If that does not work, then you may want to look at the logs for errors, or to the device on GNOME Disks, and check whether the USB stick is actually working.

The file system on my hard disc is ext4

Your disk is ext4, ok, but I suppose that you don’t have any issues with your disk, do you? What is the filesystem of your USB stick? Do you see it using GNOME DIsks?

If you have a graphical file manager installed, nemo, caja, etc, you should see usb sticks automounting, unless you’ve found a way to disable it?
As someone else said, try installing gnome disks and see if you can mount it there?
You can also easily mount things in terminal by using the mount command.

e.g. sudo mount /dev/your usb /media
will mount your usb stick to the /media directory

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