Modern security: We need Wireguard

Here, I want to have the option to use the new VPN protocol Wireguard.


And it should be there by default. Security should be the default, after all…

By default!

Note that when I say by default, I mean by default. So it should be possible to use without any extra installation, just like it’s possible OpenVPN currently, which it is supposed to replace.

Note that it will even be implemented in the Linux kernel, soon, likely.


It would be preferable to use it with an implementation in a safe language, after all, this is security-relevant.

Recently Cloudflare published a nice implementation in Rust, so maybe that can be used:

How to make this happen?

I guess it needs to be integrated into NetworkManager somehow?

Where can this be reported/tracked?

Or does this request here fit into the “Applications” category then? If so, which application? gnome-control-center ?

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So there is

for NetworkManager.

But well… it’s still a plugin the user has to install manually… (and even, currently, hard-to-install, because it is not included in many distros.)

Also, it seems to be a complete new implementation of Wireguard in C or what? So I am not sure if it can e.g. use boringtun..


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