Minutes from the GTK team meeting on March 4, 2019

Minutes from the GTK team meeting on March 4, 2019

Attendees: Emmanuele, Benjamin, Carlos, Matthias, Jonas, Timm

Agenda: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GTK/Meetings

Topic: GTK4 status

  • layout managers / constraints

Emmanuele says this takes longer than expected, due to having to rework GtkGrid allocation and GtkBuilder handling of child properties
Review of https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/merge_requests/534/ appreciated
Some discussion of naming: LegacyLayout vs CustomLayout vs AdvancedLayout

  • animations

Emmanuele plans to make an api proposal soon, possibly this week

  • roots / focus

Matthias has worked on creating a GtkRoot implementation from scratch in wip/matthiasc/popop
It is meant to lead towards a clean GtkPopover
Some issues with xdg-popover - it currently does not move after initial positioning
Started adding focus to GtkRoot, thats in wip/matthiasc/focus2 - turned into a larger cleanup focus handling, halfway complete, needs regression hunting and finishing up
popup branch also adds default and mnemonics to GtkRoot, and makes them work in GtkPopup
No eta for completing this, but feedback appreciated

  • entries

Matthias landed this after the hackfest. GtkText split off from GtkEntry, GtkEditable got richer, GtkSpinButton, GtkEntry, GtkSearchEntry, GtkPasswordEntry all use a text internally and delegate the editable implementation to it
Largest fallout: GtkSearchEntry-not-a-GtkEntry, entries not focusable anymore
Some discussion about getting rid of GtkEntryBuffer

  • child properties

Matthias introduced public page objects in GtkStack, GtkNotebook, GtkAssistant. Have a listmodel of these and
expose it as a property for the inspector. gtk-builder-tool can rewrite ui files from child properties to
meta objects

Open question: reordering api for GtkStack

  • transforms

Benjamin has landed GtkTransform, and implement css transforms with it. Picking works.
He wants to move the transforms to gsk. Missing here: good demos, and uses. Ideas:
add coverflow demo, cube rotation as stack transition, placeholder text animation.
We are following the web for the overall drawing model, which means that every widget has its view, there is no overall 3d model (we call this “paintings of paintings”)

  • shortcuts

No progress.

  • menus

No changes since the hackfest. The branch needs review and feedback.

Other topics

Discourse. Its live now, and we are going to move meeting minutes and agenda there

Website refresh. Emmanuele is possibly mentoring student(s) for this.

He may also mentor a student for work on the testsuite.

Next meeting: April 1st


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