Mint/debian, fuzzy/blurry

I’ll try to expose my problem in a nicely low level of eng :slight_smile:
I have been given recently a laptop with multiboot ; I installed LMDE5 on it, last version.
so I bootup on LMDE5 (linux mint, debian edition)
after few hours, enjoying of firefox, file browsing, and gimp software, I figure out that… gimp does not like so much rotation ; those ones results as really “big shot” (means no glasses needed to see it) fuzzy/blurry side effects.
For a first couple of hours Im thinking it coming from my little nicely artefacts (hear there, graphic files, nothing to do with nvidia reballing issues…) so Im thinkng, thinking, thinking…
I try to adapt my usage to the software…
Then, the idea :slight_smile:
well, not really an idea, but
having to insert a text in an image, then to adapt the text to it, with the rotate feature.
I do it, but some fuzzy/blurry do so. And even by an ordinary eye, the before/after fuzzy can’t escape your eye.
I dont have screenshot right now, but I watch a bit on search engines, to find :slight_smile:

twitter . c om/GIMP_Official/status/1117384159452901377

with all my nicely good wise mind, I understand there is a kind of “bug” in the gimp version provided in the lmde 5 last release. Which one is based on… debian, reincarnation of the stability/reliable reputation of unixes, whom makes me a bit scared. But Im feeling better when I understand that it has been discovered/signaled/taken in account and supposed of “being solved”. However, in my nice peace of mind, I start over to update the gimp version, doing a nicely apt-get upgrade. Sadly, with almost looot of packages to upgrade, there is no trace of gimp in the upgradable packages. The website proposes a flatpack package, but well, I just take only debian repositories and deb packages.

My question would be, well, if I dpkg -i with a newer version my gimp, would it work properly or may impact several versions of libraries, whom can shake a bit the debian stability?

is there a simpler way to solve this issue?

I thank you vm

additional technical info:
GIMP 2.10.22
cat /etc/rel
PRETTY_NAME=“LMDE 5 (elsie)”
VERSION=“5 (elsie)”

The problem arises with the Cubic interpolation, but you should really set the default interpolation to NoHalo which is usually better anyway(*). This will let you use your current version without undue blurriness.

There are also distro-independent versions of Gimp (flatpack and AppImage) that will run the latest and greatest without having to change your base distro. These also reintroduce the support for Python scripts which was removed by many distros because Gimp 2.10 uses a deprecated version of Python.

(*) AFAIK Cubic has been left as a default because it is less CPU intensive, but on modern machines this is not useful.

Could you install the Flatpak version of GIMP. Flatpak is better than trying to solve package hassle. Also its official.

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