Minor window decorations problem with terminal emulators

hey so. not sure where to post this.
there’s a minor inconveniece with some terminal emulators i’d like to fix but I’m don’t know how.
so basically there’s this white window border + window decorations that i’d like to get rid of - for aesthetic reasons. non of the extensions (unite, just perfection and sth else) don’t seem to
work. they work on native gnome applications as far as i’m concerned, but they fail to work on either kitty or cool-retro-term which are the main terminal emulators i use.
i’m attaching my specs from neofetch below. if i understand it correctly, i’m on wayland, debian 12 bookworm, gnome 43.9.
I would appreciate it a lot if anyone would help me with this pesky lil problem! :smile:

tysm in advance!!