Migrating from Bullseye/GNOME 3.38.5 to Bookworm/GNOME 43..4

A Brief Intro:

Firstly, Greetings GNOME community, after 30 years of tinkering with PC’s I’m pretty savvy with Windows, but Linux not so much with regards to practical exp. I’ve been slowly adapting to the Linux platform for 2 years now and out of that time I’ve experimented with various DE’s WM’s exclusively through the Debian/aarch64 vine. – Bare-bone installs (Pi Lite) then tasksel environment installs.

After much aggravation (learning pains) from my ignorance I decided to focus on a specific platform and I decided that’d be GNOME since the majority of popular Linux OS’s are at their core GNOME.

I have at least a functional understanding of the fundamental components, terminology and the system/user hierarchy. Now I’m entering the stage where I’ll be expanding on the a fore mentioned as I begin venturing into the scripting aspects, shell utilizing & Cloud computing.

But Before That! (Back to the Title)

Having begun to increase my proficiency utilizing hot-keys, personalized preferences, & few extensions while using GNOME 3.38.5, I wanted to port as much of that over as possible like a boss (i.e. importing a preferences/user profile .backup)

Please Excuse My Ignorance

Admittedly I’ve only a textbook summary understanding of RSYNC & BTRFS and no real practical exp to speak of. Basically I’ve made snapshots in the past and succeeded once restoring an image I’d compromised fidgeting around where I probably shouldn’t have been.

Since then I deemed it a low priority and shelved it for future me to worry about…

And That Future is Now! (Insert %Presumptions && %Point2Post)

Presuming I’m not the first person to seek these results I did try various keyword searches “migrating” “porting” “preferences” “user settings” “GNOME 42 to 43” “upgrading”…

but the best results I saw pertained to porting GTK libraries in various combinations

I also scanned over FAQ, Beginners/Newcomers Guides/Tutorials

So basically exhausting my typical approach to finding an answer I’ve come here to lean on the community for the answers

[interject] Brief Uncertainty

I know there’s several locations for [App/Extension/DE] [Configs/Preferences]

I’m just unsure which ones are necessary, I presume this might not be uniformly possible with some extensions/apps/settings becoming obsolete, incompatible, etc…

but surely [i.e. WebApps. I’ve several detailed instances, is there no easy way to copy X Y Z from Former DE and apply them to the New DE version to retain functionality?]

or [i.e. quickly & easily point the New DE to the Former GNOME Extensions/Tweaks & their preferences] without having to do all of it manually?

In Conclusion

Is this simply an accepted inconvenience inherited with the many benefits of the platform?

Have I missed or overlooked the relevant criteria to find the explanations or solutions to this query?

and from my understanding the BTRFS is for the Ubuntu DE FS but since it’s at its core GNOME does that mean it’s backwards compatible per-say


If you made it to here then Thank You for your time & consideration. I’m open to any suggestions regarding this or resources I should consider for my continued development.


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