Meta_window_move_frame() and user_op parameter

Hi all:

I’m using meta_window_move_frame() in an extension to change the location of a window. The point is that if I put the “user_op” parameter to FALSE, I can’t move it to (0,0) in the main screen; it is always put below the gnome top bar (this is, at 0,32). But if I put it to TRUE, I can move the window there, thus putting it behind the top bar.

Is this a bug, and the method should allow to put the window in (0,0) no matter what the user_op parameter is?

Is this a feature, and thus it is the intended way meta_window_move_frame() has to work, to ensure that if a program/extension puts a window in the screen, it will never be overlapped by the top bar or any other element, but if the user wants to put it behind, it is allowed, and thus I can rely on this behavior?

Or this is just something accidental, and although it is allowed today, it can be changed tomorrow and never allow a window to be placed under the top bar, so I shouldn’t rely on this behavior?


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