Messages are not listed unless searched for

This is a copy of my bug report that has been closed.

About a week ago i started using Evolution on a new machine. I tried to move my account settings, then reconfigured my mail accounts.

At first all looked fine, but then i noticed i couldn’t find a recent message that was shown in the web interface on the server. It turned out, however, that i can find the “missing” message if i search for it with the search box.

So, here are the symptoms.

  1. Messages more recent than about a week ago do not show up in any of the ordinary folders. This concerns both received and sent messages and all kinds of ordinary folders (inboxes and the other).

  2. All messages show up once i search for them with the search box. In particular, searching for a single space “character” lists all messages, because all messages contain spaces.

  3. Search folders work normally and list all messages, including those that are not listed in the ordinary folders.

This is Evolution 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 on Linux Mint 20.3.

Could this be something else than an Evolution bug?

Yes, as this does not sound like a bug. See I cannot see some emails, where are they?

I saw it, so what? What does is have to do with the symptoms i described? How is this not a bug?

It’s not a bug if you have some kind of filtered view set. That’s often the case, that’s why there is a dedicated Help entry for that. Have you tried all items in the help entry?

By “filtered view”, do you mean the “View > Show Deleted Messages” and “View > Show Junk Messages” checkboxes? I am not aware of any other view filtering in Evolution.

I didn’t try to check these boxes before, because the “missing” messages were not Junk or Deleted to the best of my knowledge. I do not have any filters configured in “Edit > Message Filters”. Now i tried to check them, and indeed, if i check both, the messages appear. If i check just one, the messages are still hidden.

I am puzzled about what is going on. Are all the new messaged somehow get marked as both Junk and Deleted? When i get them shown, i do not see anywhere them being marked as Junk. I tried to manually mark them as Not Junk through context menu, but they still disappear when i uncheck the checkbox.

Perhaps your only syncing the last week?

Is it possible your searching in subfolders? i.e. your messages are actually in a subfolder

Alternatively, and it would be dependent on your account type, I believe evo supports searching the server as well as synced messages (thus allowing search to work for all time, despite only recent messages existing locally)

This would tie into the second point

Sadly this release is coming up 2 years old, so any hypothetical bug would be to be demonstrated in a supported release such as 3.42 — No idea what options you have with Mint.

I refer to the search bar, especially the first dropdown.

No, and wouldn’t the behaviour be the opposit in such case?

Messages that are not shown are not in subfolders. All messages after a certain date are not shown. But they appear if i check both “View > Show Deleted Messages” and “View > Show Junk Messages” checkboxes.

Indeed, it looks like it. Thanks for the idea.

I am confused then why sync stopped working, and why checking “View > Show Deleted Messages” and “View > Show Junk Messages” checkboxes make messages appear synced in ordinary folders.

Thanks for pointing this out. Next major version of Mint should arrive soon.

Currently it looks like starting from some date, my messages are not synced. In particular, when i am offline, messages do not appear in search folders.

This looks like a misconfiguration issue, except that i checked syncing enabled, and i do not understand the behaviour of “View > Show Deleted Messages” and “View > Show Junk Messages” checkboxes.

Screenshot from 2022-05-05 10-37-11

Those are and have been set to “All Messages” and “Current Folder and Subfolders”.

I’ve just discovered that the problem might be caused by the fact that i am running different versions of Evolution under different OS with the same user home folder.

I have a multi-boot setup where NixOS and Linux Mint share the /home folder and user account settings. I have been mostly using Linux Mint recently and noticed this problem that i reported. However, if i boot into NixOS and run Evolution 3.42.4 under it (with the same user folder), all messages are synced and visible.

Well, i’ll wait for the updated Linux Mint to see if the issue will go away. Thanks for comments.

Ah, my bad — I misread recent → older

Yeah I don’t know of any specific change, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something changed and being backwards compatible with the future is a little challenging

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