Merge requests in need of attention, 19th February 2021

Greetings fellow humans. This list shows some first-contribution merge requests which were opened a week or more ago but have not yet received feedback. If you have some time, welcome the contributor and see if you can help progress the patch somehow.

Have a good weekend!

yelp-tools - Use /usr/bin/python3 as shebang

Opened: Feb 11
Author: DimStar77

pygobject - docs: document Gtk.Template. Fixes #396

Opened: Feb 09 (updated Feb 10)
Author: chrism

gtk-doc - Add optional dark theme

Opened: Feb 10
Author: vitaly-zdanevich

ghex - Gtk4 port - Proposed 4.alpha.1

Opened: Jan 25 (updated Feb 06)
Author: poprocks

nautilus-python - nautilus-python-object.c: Remove the extra reference on the PyObject file wrappers when adding them to a python list.

Opened: Feb 03
Author: miketwebster

GNOME Tweaks - Startup Applications - Some adjustments

Opened: Feb 01
Author: gariel

gnome-music - Make Artistsview and Playlistview sidebars resizable

Opened: Jan 26 (updated Jan 31)
Author: rafaellcoellho

caribou - Fix subkey popmenu not showing after being dismissed

Opened: Jan 28
Author: ItzSwirlz

gnome-session - Helpful diagnosis

Opened: Jan 20
Author: HinTak

Settings - Add a propper test sound before resorting to a white noise file

Opened: Dec 24 (updated Jan 05)
Author: tsbatista

3 Likes is huge, and is basically a rewrite of the whole application — does anyone know if the author had a reviewer in mind for this, or if GHex is unmaintained and they are just assuming maintainership?

Good point. Seems Kalev Lember has been maintaining this for a while and is still listed as maintainer. Let’s see if we can start a conversation on the issue.

I like the way you phrased your answer there, kudos!

Nice to see GHex getting some love

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