Merge requests in need of attention, 15th January 2021

Welcome to another installment of … first-contribution merge requests which don’t have any comments yet!

Here is last week’s post, so you can check up on their progress.

I find it’s rather laborious when commenting on project’s I’m not familiar with to find out who are the maintainers and if they are active. I’ve created a table of maintainers here, which gives some insight into each project. I’m hoping to soon add a ‘Last non-translation commit’ field to this as well, let me know if it’s useful!

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - Add 2FA capability to nm-fortisslvpn when the second factor authentication code is sent via SMS/email/etc.

Opened: Jul 26 2020 (updated Jan 07)
Author: emelenas

gnome-user-docs - Typo: change superuser to super user

Opened: Jan 07
Author: rachfop

Settings - Add a propper test sound before resorting to a white noise file

Opened: Dec 24 (updated Jan 05)
Author: tsbatista

network-manager-applet - Hide unmanaged interfaces

Opened: Dec 16 (updated Jan 04)
Author: luispabon

planner - Native Language Support

Opened: Oct 29 (updated Jan 03)
Author: ahmed.baizid.0

gnome-photos - Delete Pending Photos on Close

Opened: Jan 02
Author: AbanoubGhadban

GIMP - Increase number of supported buttons in Mouse Buttons controller to 32

Opened: Jan 01
Author: tomaszg7

pygobject - WIP: Refactor property handling and support more array types

Opened: Dec 29 (updated Dec 30)
Author: smspillaz

libxml2 - Use glibc strlen to speed up xmlStrlen

Opened: Dec 29
Author: ilyazub

gobject-introspection - regress: Add GArray prop with different transfer annotations

Opened: Dec 29
Author: smspillaz


This is super useful to know how active is the maintainer, but combined with the number of commits since last major release.

Thanks a lot for this post each week :slight_smile:

Interesting idea! Could you expand a bit more on how the number of commits since the last release tag would help see if a project is actively maintained?

Well it’s mostly because even if a project is not maintained much there can be some occasional trivial commits made, like can be seen in for example (here I took evince as example but it’s just an example really, there’s quite some others modules that lack people working on it, which isn’t encouraging for newcomers when MRs go unnoticed/unreviewed), while it has a signifiant number of trivial/non trivial MRs that are opened and not looked at, visible at But then I don’t know if that’s a useful metric… just that the last non translation commit might be wrong to estimate the maintenance work being done.

Good point that the ‘last code commit’ isn’t a perfect metric. I haven’t even tried it out in much detail yet. I’ll consider ‘commits since last release’ as well.

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