Merge requests in need of attention, 11th December 2020

I’ve received some positive feedback about this initiative, which is great to have. I very much hope to keep it going, and so I’m trying to make the process of creating the posts as quick as possible.

To that end, I set up a minimal web app at which generates the list automatically. There’s plenty to improve there, starting with the styling, but this means I can now create the posts by copy+paste rather than running a command locally making it much easier for me :beach_umbrella:

If you want to help improve the web app, have a look at the code and we can have a chat in #gnome-hackers :slight_smile:

And now … here are this weeks first contribution merge requests that need some attention:

evince - [libview] Add print setting to draw borders

Opened: Dec 01
Author: @jonasdn

ocrfeeder - Remove the usage of deprecated ‘xml.etree.ElementTree.Element.getchildren’

Opened: Nov 30
Author: @frp

gThumb - image viewer: copy/move to folder

Opened: Nov 29
Author: @fnzen

gimp-help - Solved issue #250

Opened: Nov 25 (updated Nov 29)
Author: @aliyarahmani786

zenity - Make progress dialog ignore delete-event when --no-cancel option is selected

Opened: Nov 28
Author: @tousz

gcr - FEATURE: add hkps:// to keyserver defaults

Opened: Nov 27
Author: @bpereto

gnome-shell-extensions - Make overview container centered once workspace switcher is removed

Opened: Nov 27
Author: @yellowgh0st

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - Remove forgotten hardcoded timeout

Opened: Nov 24
Author: @jimis

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - Choose the openfortivpn binary

Opened: Nov 21 (updated Nov 22)
Author: @emelenas

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - Allow for different options to set DNS

Opened: Nov 21
Author: @emelenas


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