Menu always visible and activation position - GNOME 40

This issue is really quite annoying for me which is related to the menu on the bottom… why do I need to go with my mouse to the top left corner of the screen and press “Activities” to then go down to use the “menu bar”? Does it really makes sense? It is quite unusable as it is today. I do that uncountable times per day… 100? 200 times?

GUI is something to make things as easy as possible and near as possible for lazy people who don’t like to use command line (like me).

I would like the following:

1- A pin button on the right side, so you can fix the menu there as always visible; It doesn’t matter if it will be on top of other programs, it is a users choice to pin or not to pin. I need the option to do that. Maybe create a “start menu” bar similar to Windows if it is needed.

2- When “pinned” to be always visible, it is really not necessary that icons be sooooooo huge… I understand that it looks cool but it could be way smaller… the different size could be only when is pinned on topic 1.

3- On the bottom, a small bar, which when clicked, makes the main menu visible or not. So the person doesn’t need to move the mouse to different corners (like Activities)…

I know there’s the “Super” button but it is weird minimizing the screen and opening a menu bar… sorry, it looks really weird from a user perspective. I remember msft had a similar idea a couple of years ago and it was dropped.

I am not trying to be mean, every few years I try really hard adopt Linux desktop and I more than anyone really want it to succeed, but things must be easy for the user to use 10+ hours per day. I imagine something like this:


Yes please, we need this switch !

maybe just wait until Dash to Dock is fully ported to GNOME 40

in my opinion, it looks fine

I will tell you a story…
…A long long time ago, in a very distant place, around 1999, there was a person who “tried” to use some Desktop (No clue how it was called, maybe StartX?) on SUSE Linux. A person full of will to use it for a long time until giving up because he couldn’t make his 56k modem to work and it was a hell to access his files on Fat32 partition…
…he gave up but, he tried again every few years…

so I understand that Open Source is free and mainly maintained by collaborators which don’t earn a penny and I have a HUGE respect for them, I really do… but someone must be taking decisions here and there are foundations, sponsors, etc… so my question is:
Why, after 24 years, I see that only nerds use Linux? Why must it be so hard? Is it some kind of conspiracy?
I’m not really sure why do I keep insisting on it.

EDIT: I see many really good open source projects with really easy to use UI but GNOME must invest into the “normal user”. If I (a nerd), who really want to go to GNOME/Linux can’t get there, imagine the rest of the people.
Looks like someone targeted my feedback as inappropriate. I believe inappropriate is developing something which always leads to nowhere.


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