Meld feature: customize displayed file names

svn diff, git difftool, etc. often create a temporary file during comparisons. The name of that file is uninformative and inconvenient, e.g., /…/.svn/pristine/67/670aed180f02e114843b40081a13db396ec0a66b.svn-base for svn, and xl1F5v_Makefile for git. It would be nice to be able to customize those names from the meld command line to allow them to be something other than the names of the actual files being compared. That would allow details like HEAD, a revision number, branch, etc. to be displayed instead. xxdiff supports this with its --title1, --title2, and --title3 command line options.

Thanks for supporting meld.

Meld has the --label command line option for this. You can pass it multiple times and it will label panes in order from left to right.

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Wow. I totally missed that. Sorry for the misinformation, and thanks for the correction.

On the other hand, even using --label, the string I specify is truncated to show only the base name in the title bar of the window and the notebook tab. Directory information is lost despite there being lots of room in the title bar. Still, it’s an improvement.

In current Meld, we don’t use the title bar at all for this information. However, it’s true that we truncate this in the tab title. If you’d like to create at issue (Issues · GNOME / meld · GitLab) then maybe someone will take a look.

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