Meld 3.22, ubuntu 22.04, and "gtk+ 3.20 or higher is required"

I used to be able to run the meld 3.22 pre-built binary in Ubuntu 22.04. Something changed and now I get an error dialog that says “Gtk+ 3.20 or higher is required”. All data shows I have this installed. I’m at a loss as to what changed and how to fix this issue, despite my best internet searching efforts. Can someone assist?

I’m not sure what you mean by “pre-built binary” here. However, the most likely missing dependency is probably the Python gobject introspection itself, which I think is going to be the python3-gi package.

Pre built binary is the meld executable in the zip file.

I switched back to python 3.8 and meld is happy now. Why is that the case?

If you changed the Python version you were using, you would need to also install Meld’s dependencies for that Python version. Assuming Python 3.8 is the system python, you probably have the python3-gi package (among others) installed for that python version.

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