Matching Gtk.StateFlags in Python

I’m connecting to the ‘state-flags-changed’ signal of an entry ( in a ColumnView ), and I get a lot of events with variable flags of type Gtk.StateFlags. What is the proper way to match a particular state flag that I’m trying to react to?

Gtk.StateFlags are bitfields. This means that the bits in GtkStateFlags indicate if a flag is present/active. Take for example the dummy bitfield of: 0000001001 here the 1st and the 4th bit are set.

We can test if individual bit (flag) is set with a logical & operation between the bitfield and the flag we want to test . As one property of the flag is that only one bit can be set to a 1. If the result is non-zero then the flag must be present.

for example here we test if the widget is active:

print('active:', bool(Gtk.StateFlags.ACTIVE & flags))

Note that the cast to a boolean is not strictly necessary.

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